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Église Saint-Roch

The Église Saint-Roch is a late Baroque church in Paris and the first stone was laid by the young King Louis XIV in 1653. Diderot, Corneille and Le Nôtre (who realized the gardens of Versailles) were burried in this church, which has the distinctive feature of being made up of several chapels following one another.

Cathedral Address: 296 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001, Paris France
Area: Opéra/Grands boulevards
Arrondissement: 1st
Opening times: 9am-7pm daily
Transport: M° (Metro) - Pyramides (M7, M14) or Tuileries (M1)
Entry Cost: Free of charge

History of Église Saint-Roch

The original design by Jacques Lemercier and the building was to replace a church built in 1577 as a extension to Saint Germain l'Auxerrois church. Construction of this church was actually halted in 1660 and then resumed in 1701, but this time under the direction of the architect Jacques Hardouin-Mansart, who was the brother of the well known Jules Hardouin-Mansart.

The chancel was extended in 1709 with the circular Lady Chapel and again in 1717 with the Communion Chapel, its portal was built in 1736 by Robert de Cotte and finally it was extended yet again with the Calvary Chapel in 1754, which is when the work was finally completed.It ended up being that the church was organised into a series of chapels in succession and was far longer than had been previously expected.

Having been built on the site of an early sixteenth century chapel that was dedicated to Saint Suzanne, the Eglise Saint-Roch is actually one of the largest in Paris and stretches to over 125 metres long.It was built in a prosperous neighbourhood in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris and has managed to retain some elements of its exceptional Medieval style and character, even despite the horrors of the French Revolution where the church was ransacked.

This monument in Paris still has a Cavaillé-Coll organ and is a testament to time, yet also holds the tombs of famous people such as Andre Le Notre who was the person that designed the gardens at Chateau de Versailles, to name but one of the castles in France that he designed the gardens for.