Free Tours in Paris

While Paris is an expensive city to visit, there are many free things to do including free tours. View the lisitngs below to find out what free tours are available in Paris France, including monuments in Paris, Paris Museums and Paris Landmarks. While these tours are free, you will still need to pay to use the Paris metro.

this is an image of the Paris Greeters in Paris, France

Paris Greeters

this is an image of the Église St-Sulpice in Paris, France

Église St-Sulpice

this is an image of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris tours in Paris, France

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

this is an image of the Le musée du Parfum in Paris, France

Le musée du Parfum

this is an image of the what's free in Londonlogo
This is an image of the arc de triomphe in pari -france
This is an image of a Metro Station in Paris, France

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